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 /!\ This sample is in the format necessary for the OSIRIS-OREx mission. UTC time may not be needed for other missions and the spacecraft time might be in another format.


Category B

Version 3.0A2


This text file is a list of the image files needed by make_sumfiles to create SUMFILES and NOMINALS. It is created by process_fits an becomes an input for make_sumfiles.

make_sumfiles.in contains these 6 columns:

  • image name loaded into process_fits

  • spacecraft time of each image
  • camera number that took the image
  • spacecraft number for mission
  • bin
  • UTC time of each image

The vectors in the sumfiles and nominals are calculated directly from the kernels in make_sumfiles.txt by using the time for each image obtained from make_sumfiles.in.

The following sample make_sumfiles.in is from OSIRIS_REx.

  • (!) Spacecraft time is needed to use CK kernels while epoch time is needed for spk kernels. Spacecraft, UTC, and epoch time can be transformed into one another pretty easily using spice, which SPC uses. It is unclear why two types of time are included in the OSIRIS-REx make_sumfiles.in. However, the legendary Bob Gaskell probably knows why.

P595650043F2    1/0595649979.53969          3    1    1    2018-11-16T14:19:35.816_
P595650073F2    1/0595650009.53969          3    1    1    2018-11-16T14:20:05.816_
P595650103F2    1/0595650039.53969          3    1    1    2018-11-16T14:20:35.816_
P595650136F2    1/0595650072.53969          3    1    1    2018-11-16T14:21:08.816_

Here is another sample make_sumfiles.in file from another mission:

FC21A0014662    377642737:125    2    1    1
FC21A0014663    377642812:125    2    1    1
FC21A0014664    377642887:126    2    1    1
FC21A0016638    379008279:125    2    1    1

The following sample includes column headings for easy reference:

Figure 00: Sample make_sumfiles.in File with Headers

(Compiled by KD)

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