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This program calculates the angular velocity of a body's rotation by using the position of landmarks in subsequent images.

The images should be at least roughly registered (REGISTER) before starting.

The pointing and spacecraft position is originally determined in body-fixed space from a nominal .pck file. Then they are transformed back to inertial space.

If V is the vector of a landmark at time = 0 (PICNM0) then the inertial space vector V' at time = t (PICNM1) is given by

The program solves for A, for an offset of image PICNM1 due to relative pointing errors and for the inertial space landmark positions at t=0. Many iterations (~100) are required for convergence (but it is very fast) and OMEGA is printed both as an inertial space vector and in RA, DEC,|OMEGA| in deg and deg/da.

Required Files




Here is a sample of the standard input:

$ omega
 Input PICNM0
 Input PICNM1

OMEGA:                  0.10196E-04    0.17130E-03   -0.36799E-03

                       ALPHA                          DP1            DL1
       -0.00020        0.00138       -0.00247       -0.05370        0.03372


 Iterate? (y/n)
        0.02842        0.01714

OMEGA:                 -0.28363E-04    0.19784E-03   -0.35343E-03
ET1 - ET0:                  7.00000
RA DEC DEG/DA:        98.15845      -60.51164     2009.99984

 Return to iteration? (y/n)
 Update SUMFILE? (y/n)

Here is a sample output file P601293196F2_ROT.TXT:

 PICNM0 = P601293196F2  PICNM1 = P601293203F2

                              INERTIAL                                    BODY FIXED

EE0001        0.79740E-01   -0.24443E+00   -0.76561E-01   -0.24352E-01    0.26146E+00   -0.28265E-01
EE0002        0.76654E-01   -0.24740E+00   -0.76961E-01   -0.28215E-01    0.26180E+00   -0.28335E-01
EE0003        0.72600E-01   -0.24614E+00   -0.78760E-01   -0.31991E-01    0.26251E+00   -0.28429E-01
EE0004        0.69034E-01   -0.24720E+00   -0.79739E-01   -0.35877E-01    0.26275E+00   -0.28361E-01
EE0006        0.79252E-01   -0.24506E+00   -0.73033E-01   -0.24417E-01    0.26092E+00   -0.32141E-01
EE0007        0.75892E-01   -0.24655E+00   -0.73990E-01   -0.28216E-01    0.26158E+00   -0.32223E-01

OMEGA:                 -0.47507E-04    0.15800E-03   -0.37100E-03
RA DEC DEG/DA:         106.73459      -66.02445     2009.99984
ET1 - ET0:               7.00000
Rotation:                0.16285
IMAX:                        76
dP, dL, dS:            -0.91703E+00    0.51699E+00   -0.25762E-03

Body fixed frame:        87.19928      -64.78164     -115.42772

    0.2404600643D+00   -0.3024911368D+01    0.2313284431D+01   SCOBJ
    0.6384185077D+00   -0.4531136654D+00   -0.6280592064D+00   CX
    0.7669571811D+00    0.4425514816D+00    0.4690669420D+00   CY
    0.6479576942D-01   -0.7738450699D+00    0.6360038956D+00   CZ
   -0.5260644620D+00    0.8478532108D+00    0.6696761722D-01   SZ

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