2.12 Does batch autoregister

Output will be exact (diff)


Set up a map that shows what needs to be done (everything)

# 2.12 batch autoregister
echo "... Running script"
sh run_script.b | tee runLog.txt

echo "... Making thumbnails"
convert TESTFILES/FC21A0014662.pgm 14662.jpg
convert TESTFILES/FC21A0014663.pgm 14663.jpg
convert TESTFILES/FC21A0014664.pgm 14664.jpg
convert TESTFILES/FC21A0016638.pgm 16638.jpg
convert TESTFILES/FC21A0016639.pgm 16639.jpg
convert TESTFILES/FC21A0016870.pgm 16870.jpg
convert TESTFILES/FC21A0023451.pgm 23451.jpg
convert TESTFILES/FC21A0023452.pgm 23452.jpg
convert TESTFILES/FC21A0026849.pgm 26849.jpg
convert TESTFILES/FC21A0026850.pgm 26850.jpg


Tons of changed landmarks OOT files images (both pgm and extra (easy to use) jpg)

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