Block 14 - Shift V2


If the model has more than <criteria> of deviation from the center of figure, then shift it to be centered



Set the ID. This should be the current ID, not the new one (which will really just be moved)

echo "Shifting the model, $ID = shapeVar" | tee -a notes

Record the current offset and make a new model that will be adjusted

Run the shift command.

(Comment -- Unsure if the shape needs to be installed before geometry is run) Notice, the shape model cannot have the .TXT at the end with the shift program. FDS sends the offset with the sign flipped from what the shift program will use. FDS should have a note about this along with their delivery.

Install Shape

Install the shape and review the fit to our main images

Finish the Block

Continue the process

While this completes the block, you still need to do the following procedures to make the shape model solid

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