Block 6A - Lat/Lon Tiling V0


This block is used to tile the surface when you have specific latitude/longitude values you wish to use.


User inputs

<path> is the path to the working directory


# Start in the SPC working directory
cd <path>/Bennu

# Create a symbolic link to the file that has the commands needed to build the input scripts
# Use make_scriptT_<GSD>.seed  
ln -s scripts/
ls -l     # show that the link points to the correct place
head      # This should list the top of the file, which shows LAT/LON and the first several locations

# Build the scripts
ls   # list the INN files that were created

# Run the scripts
nohup sh run_script.b &

# During the run, evaluate the progress
find_nofitT       # This displays if there were any problems
tail -f nohup     # This shows any errors 
tail -f *OOT      # Or just select the current output file

# When complete, save the results
find_nofitT | tee output
mkdir block6A
mv *INN *OOT output block6A

# Once evaluation of new landmarks is complete and they are deemed “good” remove temporary files