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This lithos seed file is output by residuals and used to attach maps to limbs for every landmark contained in LMRKLIST.TXT.

New_Limbs.in contains the lithos commands to process each landmark listed in LMRKLIST.TXT where the landmark has an associated MAPFILE and an image set.

Here is a sample New_Limbs.in file annotated with explanations of the commands:

o                   <- attach map to maps or limbs
EE0001              <- load landmark
n a                 <- don't reset all
3                   <- attach map to limbs
n b                 <- don't clear
1,3,5               <- expansion (1), res/scale limit (3), d_hgt limit (5)
o                   <- as above
n a
n b
q                   <- quit lithos

(Compiled by DL)

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