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A sumfile is created by the executable make_sumfiles and contains camera data, target-relative position vectors, pointing vectors, uncertainty values, and landmark info for its respected image. Therefore, there is only one sumfile for one image. Sumfiles contain data that SPC uses throughout various executables, like lithos. As SPC is used to correlate images with lithos the sumfile vectors and landmark lists can be updated with the "v 4" command (see lithos section).

Thus, sumfiles can change throughout SPC usage, unlike nominals.

Furthermore, the sumfiles crated by make_sumfiles are named as <image name>.SUM and placed in a directory titled "SUMFILES" within the users working directory.

Example of a SUMFILE

The information after a # are comments added for clarification and not included in an actual sumfile.

W46908480918                                                                           # image name
2014 NOV 12 17:20:03.128                                                               # utc
  2048  2048   500 65535                                       NPX, NLN, THRSH         # pic size, lower and upper dn thresholds
    0.1356800000D+03    0.1044000000D+04    0.9380000000D+03   MMFL, CTR               # focal length, px/ln center (boresight/optical axis)
   -0.9665063720D+01    0.1326644487D+02   -0.6673084308D+01   SCOBJ                   # s/c-object vector (body fixed)
   -0.6442479111D+00   -0.1829032409D-01    0.7645979944D+00   CX                      # pixel unit vector (body fixed)
    0.5935707119D+00    0.6184779444D+00    0.5149357652D+00   CY                      # linel unit vector (body fixed)
   -0.4823053379D+00    0.7855892670D+00   -0.3875965231D+00   CZ                      # boresight unit vector (body fixed)
    0.7254908676D+00   -0.3292717307D+00    0.6043534796D+00   SZ                      # sun unit vector (body fixed)
  74.07410   0.00000   0.00000   0.00000  74.07410   0.00000   K-MATRIX         
    0.00000D+00    0.00000D+00    0.00000D+00    0.00000D+00   DISTORTION              # always zero these days (distortion comes in elsewhere)
    0.1007758363D-02    0.1482813397D-02    0.8902614968D-03   SIGMA_VSO               # formal scobj uncertainty
    0.3071768580D-04    0.3093941486D-04    0.1565302183D-04   SIGMA_PTG               # formal pointing uncertainty
AO0001   2049.39    668.15                                                      
AO0002   2020.70    644.81                                                      
AO0003   2035.17    708.66                                                             # landmark px/ln centers
BD0009   1902.39    884.05                                                      
BD0010   1891.13    909.86                                                      
EK0022    675.73   1371.97                                                      
EQ0088    721.76    738.13                                                      
FI0002    727.77    220.40                                                      
LIMB FITS                                                                              # landmark-on-limb centers (none here)
END FILE                                                                        

Another Sumfile Example


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