Test F3G - Navigation Error

Goal: Identify a limit to how large the navigation error can be and still get a good solution. Also, see if small errors converge to the same state (i.e. that within certain boundaries, error is fully removed)

Test Set Up

Data: Approach, Preliminary Survey, and Detailed Survey PolyCam and MapCam Images:

Start: 35cm Preliminary Shape Model and 150cm, 75cm, and 35cm global maplets


Sub-Test F3G-1 to F3G- 7

Test Procedures

Full test procedure details contained here: Test F3G-Navigation Error - Test Procedure.
Full processing states details contained here: Processing States.


Start Model
Ingest Images:

20cm Tiling:

10cm Tiling:

Ingest Images:

5cm Tiling:



TestF3G - Results

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