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 * Build shape model -- Call it H2-Test3-

 * Tile the TAG site at 75 cm
 * Tile the TAG site at 35 cm

JAXA Training Goals


  • Goals
  • Bring the students to the "SPC Training Level 2"
    • Provide enough training to new personal to be able to directly and substantively help an experienced person build a shape model
    • Provides enough background so that additional practice and instruction can occur
    • Provide a systematic review of key SPC concepts and techniques to aid more experienced users understand subtle, but important, SPC dependencies
    • It will be insufficient to fully train new personal to a level in which they could run the Hayabusa 2 encounter without support, but it will go along way to improving their confidence with the program
  • Specific things to learn
    • Be able to create landmarks and add images
    • Basic trouble shooting and fixing mis-registration
    • Perform tiling
    • Do iterations
    • Run residuals, geometry
  • Optional, depending on time and understanding
    • Register images to shape model or maps
    • Autoregister
  • Practice
    • Create landmarks
    • Try out error-injected images into the calibration test

Student Prep


  • Day 1, Monday
    • Introductions and facilities
      • NDA.doc

      • Check the install the software and test cases
      • Introduce SPC and Bob
    • Intro SPC Lesson_1.pdf

      • Show wiki
      • Provide documentations, unix help
    • Theory of SPC
    • Basic SPC operation
  • Day 2, Tuesday
  • Day 3, Wednesday
  • Day 4, Thursday
  • Notes, Day 4

  • Fix landmarks from the iterate
  • Build shape model -- Call it H2-Test2-
    • Change the support/buildShape.sh file
  • Autoregister the new images
  • Build shape model -- Call it H2-Test3-
  • Tile the TAG site at 75 cm
  • Tile the TAG site at 35 cm
    • Review tools and technique to describe errors
      • CompareOBJ
      • Other tools
    • Error analysis

Information Needed

Standard Blocks

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