Day 3 Script

Ingest in the Detailed Survey Images

You can get images 3 ways. Command line argument, prompt or new_pics.txt. For today's work, we will use a helper script to do it in batch. The normal way is via new_picts.txt, but that doesn't exist with the version we need to use.

We will be using a version of process_fits from an older version of the software. The current one includes a bunch of ORex specific functions that are not present in other missions. Thus, we will run a program from <working directory>/scripts, which will run process_fits from 3.0A2.

For this script, you just give it a list of the files you want (with relative path). I've built it for you already.

support/ support/appList

Register the Images

Personally, I like to make thumbnails of the images using the display command. That is an exercise that is left for the student (but you might find a hint in /opt/local/spc/bin -- something about thumbnails -- maybe do a "grep -i display" and see what you get.

I've placed a symbolic link in your working directory to a scripts directory. Bob has his specific scripts, so I try to use them. The symbolic link allows me to link to Bob's so it is easier to keep updated (rather than having every working directory with its own copy that will get outdated.

ln -s scripts/make_scriptR_01.seed make_scriptR.seed
sh run_script.b

Then monitor the work. Look at TEMPFILES.pgm (image on left, model on the right) and TEMPFILES.ppm (blue/magenta overlay)

Autoregister the Images

Here, we batch load landmarks onto images (note: lithos allows us to batch load images into a single landmark)

ln -s scripts/make_scriptA.seed make_scriptR.seed
sh run_script.b


Information Needed

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